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Beginning with piano lessons at a young age, it could be said that the life path of Singaporean musician Weiwen Seah was pre-determined from the moment he played his first note. Upon penning his first songs, Weiwen was scouted and subsequently signed by independent record label, Big Ear Musica, to a management and distribution deal as a teenager. 


With this partnership, the young musician was groomed to become the label’s most successful artist - from performing to crowds of 27,000 people, on national television, headlining tours and sharing stages with legendary artists such as Kool & The Gang, Weiwen has also been recognised with a “Song of the Year” award by the National Arts Council, and named “Breakthrough Artist of the Year” by Mediacorp’s Live N Loaded.


Upon the cessation of the record label, Weiwen shifted his focus from being a performer and entertainer to further develop his skills as a musician. Since then, Weiwen has gone on to pursue a formal education in music, graduating Magna Cum Laude from the prestigious Berklee College of Music with a dual major in Songwriting and Contemporary Writing & Production. He has also served as a session musician (Estelle Fly, JO, Marcus Lee, PÄKS) and producer (Mitchell Proctor, Marcus Lee, Island Fever) for artists spanning a wide range of genres.

Currently, Weiwen is a music educator at 35 Guitar Avenue, regarded as one of the best guitar schools in Singapore. He also runs an independent record label and production house based in Singapore, endearingly called "Slow Street Record Company" after the street he grew up on. 

Now equipped with new skills, sonic textures and inspirations, Weiwen has also reinvented himself as an artist and is ready to re-emerge as a player in Singapore's music landscape. Set to debut his new artist project "thecolorfractal" with 5 song EP "in metanoia", Weiwen, still deeply rooted in the singer-songwriter tradition, incorporates elements of soul, funk, and jazz to create a fresh sound that is uniquely him.

Photo by Loh Jing Min

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